Booking Sinking Neptune in your classroom or community

The Sinking Neptune Project is currently available for bookings. Please note that while the team is based in Montréal, Québec, it is available to travel…


Bring the theatre into your classroom or community! The Sinking Neptune Project is a performance and workshop that usually takes approximately two hours. The Project examines Canada’s “first piece of literature and drama”, Marc Lescarbot’s 1606 Theatre of Neptune in New France, which is highly racist against First Nation peoples. In fact, it is a “redface” show. Sinking Neptune deconstructs the play from postcolonial and historiographical perspectives, then dramatically subverts it onstage to expose and challenge Euro-Centricity and Racism.

“Before the healing can take place, the poison must be exposed.”
– Thomson Highway, Cree playwright

Teachers in fields such as Theatre/Drama, Canadian History, English, French, Native Studies, Political Science, Cultural & Media Studies, Communications, and others may find it a useful exercise to put Neptune under the microscope. In dissecting it, it is possible to raise awareness amongst students about the root of Euro-centric cultural and artistic colonization in Canada, and make connections with contemporary issues.


Eric Squire, College Montmorency, Laval, ESL Department (PDF)

Dr. Alan Filewod, University of Guelph Department of Theatre & English (PDF)

Dr. Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert, McGill University History Department


While the cost is negotiable, it should be noted that there are generally 8 – 10 actors and administrators involved in bringing the project to life. In addition to salaries, there is the cost of transportation, props, publicity, etc. While most clients have paid approximately $1000.00 to experience the Sinking Neptune Project, we are negotiable to arrangements such as taking a box office or subsidizing disadvantaged clients.


½ Hour Set-Up

1st Hour Performance

2nd Hour Q & A

The Format can be adjusted to suit your pedagogical needs.


Donovan King  514-842-1467


For technical details or other information please contact us. All materials related to this project, including texts, media, dramaturgical analysis, lesson plans, etc. can be found online.


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