Time2Ad’s Matthew Alzubi calls OTL

Yesterday, the OTL phone got a very interesting missed call.  The caller ID said Time2Ad. This is the company responsible for the giant scaffolding wrap billboard on the corner of St-Laurent and Sherbrooke Street, so it’s quite surprising that they would be calling us.  Maybe it was to apologize for violating the historic status of the Main, a protected site – we could only hope.  Today, we got our answer.

Time2Ad called back, this time from a blocked number.  Once they established that they were indeed speaking with a member of the collective responsible for this blog, the phone was passed to someone identified to us as Matthew Alzubi, president of the company.

Alzubi said that we have until midnight tonight to remove this post dealing with what Time2Ad did on the Main or else face legal consequences.  Just what consequences may arise over a post that states facts and gives voice to people opposed to the cultural effects a company’s project has in their opinion is unclear at best.

This might explain why Mr. Alzubi merely repeated his statement about midnight tonight and added that we didn’t know what he was capable of “so help me God” when asked to send what he was saying in written form.  That could also explain why no one left a message when they called our phone yesterday.

Maybe they don’t want any record of what Time2Ad and Matthew Alzubi said to us to exist.  Maybe they know that we have a right to freedom of speech and any court that looked at their case against us would throw it out.  Maybe they thought they could scare us with some tough talk.  Sadly for them, they can’t.  Sadly for Montreal, it looks like Time2Ad still plan to put up more scaffolding wrap billboards.

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  1. Kate Says:

    Middle finger response to Mathew Alzubi. Go rot in prison you fraudulent ahole.

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