Red Light District Walking Tour (Sunday, September 4, at Noon)

After hailing victory in the battle for Cafe Cleopatre, Burlesque queen Velma Candyass and cultural worker Donovan King are putting Montreal’s Red Light District firmly back on the map! As a cultural war unfolds in The Main National Historic Site between artists and developers, King and Candyass are working on behalf of the living culture, history, and heritage of the remarkable neighbourhood. Offering a dymanic vision of what could be, King and Candyass have been lobbying politicians and even made the Red Light District an election issue!

After much research and preparation, the dramatic duo are pleased to offer a salacious walking tour of Montreal’s storied Red Light District. From the days of New France through the Victorian era to Prohibition and right up the 21st Century, the tour looks at all the unsuccessful attempts by various authorities over the centuries to control, destroy, or re-brand the area.

The tour examines the Montreal Red Light District historically and includes current issues, such as police brutality, gentrification, social activism by community groups, and corporate attempts to destroy authentic culture and historic buildings in order to rebrand the neighbourhood as the Quartier des Spectacles.

After successful jaunts during Jane’s Walk and the Montreal infringement festival, this third and final Red Light District Walking Tour of the 2011 season is being offered in conjunction with Montreal Fetish Weekend, a true celebration of all things Red Light:

Sunday, September 4, Noon

Starts at Midway Bar & Salon

1219 boulevard Saint-Laurent

In English.



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