OTL brings three shows to the Buffalo infringement festival!

The 8th annual Buffalo infringement festival runs from July 26 – August 5, 2012, and this year Optative Theatrical Laboratories (OTL) will be in attendance for the entire duration!

The Buffalo infringement festival is a both world leader in grassroots arts management and the largest arts festival in Western New York. This year, OTL will be presenting three distinct and interactive performances: Infringement Therapy, Occupy Theatre!, and Car Stories. As with all OTL creations, artists and audience members are encouraged to join in the shows as “spect-actors” and are welcome to become actors in the performances.

All OTL performances take place at  Nietzsche’s (248 Allen Street) or The Melting Point (the space in front the building). Signs will be posted to advertise all performances.

Nietzsche’s (248 Allen Street)

Infringement Therapy involves a theatrical journey whereby a team of infringement doctors prescribe various “therapies” to clients in order to de-brainwash them. Performances begin at The Melting Point in front of Nietzsche’s (248 Allen Street):

Saturday July 28, 6 – 8 pm

Sunday July 29, 6 – 8 pm.

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Occupy Theatre! is a special, one night only event, that brings infringers and Occupiers together to reflect on arts activism by providing an open mic for speeches, music, and reflections. After a successful performance in Montreal, Occupy Theatre! now comes to Buffalo. Performance is at Nietzsche’s (248 Allen Street):

Wednesday August 1, 8 – 10 pm

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Finally, CAR STORIES, the show that sparked the creation of the infringement festival, plays for three days towards the end of the festival. As always, collaborators are welcome to play in the show and OTL is looking for cars, stories, and people to flesh out the performance. Please contact Donovan at optatif@gmail.com if interested in participating. Performances begin at The Melting Point in front of Nietzsche’s (248 Allen Street):

Thursday August 2, 5 – 8pm

Friday August 3, 5 – 8pm

Saturday August 4, 2 – 5pm

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OTL is thrilled to take a road trip from Montreal to Buffalo, New York,  and is very proud to add its three small performances to the hundreds of others that make up the Buffalo infringement festival! With over 800 peformances this year, the Buffalo infringement festival is expecting a red letter year! Read more about it in the Buffalo News!


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