Haunted Mountain: a Hallowe’en Walking Tour on Mount Royal

This Hallowe’en, horror-expert Donovan King is pleased to offer Haunted Mountain, a spooky walking tour up the slopes of Mount Royal. Beginning on the Plateau at the rumoured-to-be-haunted Barfly, the ramble visits various haunted sites on the mountain, including locations where ghosts have been sighted.  Theatrical guides will regale guests with ghost stories, mysteries and legends about Mount Royal, including haunted hospitals, abandoned castles, cemeteries teeming with undead spirits, and all sorts of paranormal activities on the mountain.

Visitors will learn about the place of Mount Royal in Montreal’s history and lore, including the legend of the cross, the ghost of l’Esplanade Street, the child-victims of the Alan Memorial Institute’s brainwashing experiments, and the tragic tale of Jack McLean and the Haunted Funicular.

Guests will also visit Simon McTavish’s forgotten tomb, recently disturbed by archaeologists digging into the mountain where his earthly remains lie. The angry fur baron’s ghost is known to terrify people – by tobogganing at high speeds down the slopes of the mountain – in his own coffin!

The Haunted Mountain tour begins at 8 pm sharp on Hallowe’en (October 31st) 2011.

The tour is in English and starts at Barfly (4062 Saint-Laurent Boulevard).

Tickets will be on sale from 7 pm in Barfly Garden (back of the bar).

The tour is 90 minutes and finishes at the Pine & Peel intersection (a 15 miunte walk back to Barfly).

The tour costs $15.00.

RESERVATIONS: To reserve a spot, please email optatif@gmail.com with the heading “Haunted Mountain” and mention how many places you would like to reserve.

SPECIAL THANKS TO FELLOW PERFORMERS AND ORGANIZERS: Karen Spilak, Tim Hardman and Jason C. McLean (appearing as John “Jack” McLean of haunted funicular fame).

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Donovan King, optatif@gmail.com,  514-842-1467



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